Walking To Indianapolis

The United Church of Christ’s General Synod will meet in Indianapolis, Indiana June 30 – July 4, 2023 and Break The Silence Sunday (BTSS) will be there!

We plan to have a booth in the display area staffed with our team who will be ready to listen and honor survivor stories, along with our Strings of Strength (SOS) items to bring comfort and support to survivors.

We’ll be working to reach out to churches, laity, and clergy to help them understand how to incorporate the work of BTSS into the life of their community in worship, education, pastoral care, and more.

We are also working with some members of the UCC’s national staff about the possibilities of co-leading a workshop about BTSS and other ways that churches and individuals can help support survivors and stand up against sexual violence.

All this takes some money and that’s where “Walking To Indianapolis” comes in.

From Moira’s home in Wisconsin, it’s just over 400 miles to Indianapolis so she’s going to WALK, and being Moira, she’s going to do it in her purple Converse high-top shoes!

(Many thanks to the amazing Helen Rowinski for the logo shoe!)

Our fundraising goal is $4,000 which means we need about $10 per mile.

How can you help?
Sponsor a mile ($10), or five ($50), or twenty ($200) … whatever you can afford
Make a commitment to a certain amount of money for each mile…
Ten cents a mile = $40
Twenty-five cents a mile = $100

Prefer to think in terms of time?
It takes Moira about 20 minutes to walk a mile so we’re talking about 8,000 minutes (133 1/3 hours or about 5 1/2 days). Maybe you can make a contribution for 100 minutes at ten cents a minute (that’s $10)?

All of your contributions will help provide:
Travel expenses for the BTSS team to get to Synod:
Housing and meals in Indianapolis for the duration of Synod:
Booth space in the exhibits hall:
Resources and materials we provide to survivors:
Resources and materials we provide to churches, clergy, laity, and communities

All your contributions are tax exempt under applicable laws as Break The Silence Sunday is a ministry of St. John’s United Church of Christ of Black Creek, Wisconsin (please be in touch for tax exempt information).

We will update this page with walk totals, maps, adventure stories, pictures, and so much more.

Contributions can be made online via PayPal or Venmo to breakthesilencesunday@gmail.com
If you prefer to make contributions in another way, please be in touch.