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This work requires community and support.

If there is ever a question, concern, struggle, idea, dream, hope, worry, passion you would like to share, please know you can reach out at any time.

If you’re a survivor who needs to tell their story, we are here to listen, to believe you, and to offer whatever other help we can. We aren’t trained therapists, but survivors who know what it’s like, at least to some degree, to walk in this world with a story the world would rather not hear. We are also happy to help you find more professionally trained help in your community.

Please know if you are under 18, we are mandatory reporters and will have to share your story with appropriate law enforcement and social work agencies.

Phone: 715-851-3080
Facebook & Instagram: @breakthesilencesunday

If you are in crisis and need immediate help, please contact RAINN
(Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network). They are available 24/7:

Phone: 800-656-4673
Online chat help: (click “live chat” at the top and then agree to the terms of service to be connected)