Walking to Indianapolis UPDATE 9/23

We’re off to an amazing start on the journey to Indianapolis. I’ve covered 28 miles in 14 days which is 6% and perfectly on pace to get the remaining 392 miles in 259 days done. Plus y’all have raised just under $400 or 10% of our goal which is incredible! You can follow me on Instagram (@revmomo ) for updates, and I’m including some pictures here as well.

to support survivors, you can send donations to Break The Silence Sunday in care of my address (message us for specifics) or PayPal and Venmo to breakthesilencesunday@gmail.com

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The whole journey … this app (my virtual mission) is keeping track of distances, showing how far we’ve come and how far we’ve got to go
So far we’ve gotten from my house in Bonduel, WI to mid-Green Bay … lots of miles to go, but enough under our belt to feel confident as well.
Kittens (Minerva in stripes and Lia in grey) after a walk, and a cool view of the purple Converse high-tops that we’re doing all the walking in.
The walking hat … can you tell we have a purple theme? That’s because it’s the color for sexual assault awareness.
The shoes. I’m wondering if they’ll hold up for more than 400 miles. They weren’t new when we started, having gotten us through many miles at Wisconsin Conference UCC annual meetings, and General Synod 2019 in Milwaukee, WI when Break The Silence Sunday was overwhelmingly approved by the Synod members to become an observed Sunday in the UCC calendar (4th Sunday of April)

Silver For Survivors

In the summer of 2023, the Thirty-Fourth General Synod of the United Church of Christ will meet in Indianapolis, Indiana. Break The Silence Sunday (BTSS) needs to be there, and to do that we need your help.

We need to be at General Synod to:

  • to be a visible presence of survivors in the life of the church – we are here, part of every congregation and community and are in need of the vocal witness of the church to support our healing and wholeness;
  • to provide space for survivors to tell their stories without judgement and to have those stories honored through the work of BTSS’s project – Strings of Strength – that provides comfort items to survivors.
  • bring the work and witness of BTSS to more communities and congregations;
  • remind the national church of it’s commitment at General Synod 32 in Milwaukee where it overwhelmingly approved BTSS as an observance of the entire church;
  • to increase and expand our writer’s pool to reflect the great diversity of God’s people.

Our fundraising goal is $5000 which will provide:

  • Travel to and from Indianapolis for the BTSS team (2 people);
  • Housing & food during Synod
  • Booth space for BTSS in the exhibits hall
  • Promotional materials for BTSS

And how, you wonder, will be find $5000?
Through Silver For Survivors.

There are 575 days between 11/4/2021 and 5/31/2023.
We invite you to consider saving a silver coin every day to help the work of BTSS.

Silver dollar a day         …      $575

Half dollar a day           …      $287.50

Quarter a day                …      $143.75

Dime a day                    …      $57.50

Nickel a day                  …      $28.75

Of course, these are symbolic donations and we would welcome your gift at any level to help us continue to reach out to survivors, and to make our presence in the church visible, to remind the church of its sacred calling to support survivors.

Donations can be made:

Through our PayPal and Venmo accounts at:

By mail: checks to Break The Silence Sunday
c/o Moira Finley
PO Box 691
Bonduel, WI 54107

Questions? Concerns? Other ideas?
Pastor Moira Finley at either breakthesilencesunday@gmail.com or pastormoira73@gmail.com

Survivor and need to reach out?
Pastor Moira Finley at 715-851-3080 or pastormoira73@gmail.com

Need immediate help?
Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN) at 800-656-4673
or online at rainn.org for live chat and 24/7 assistance

P.S. If you’re wondering why start this today, November 4, 2021? A year ago the world lost one of the brightest lights and bravest survivors I’ve ever known, my friend Gwen. It seemed a fitting tribute to her life and legacy, and to the trust she placed in me to carry on the work of supporting survivors, to begin this campaign on the anniversary of her walking on to life eternal. She is dearly missed and I hope I am doing well by her in continuing the work she taught me about, the work of being as unashamed a survivor in this world as I’m capable of, and by being a life line for others.