Thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback about their experience with the first Break The Silence Sunday. I’m grateful to see the things you did, the changes and interpretations you made to the liturgy, the ways you integrated the themes into things you already had going on. If you haven’t sent anything, I’d be grateful for a few lines by email as that will help formulate ideas for next year.

Now, on to newer things.

Break The Silence Sunday will have a display booth at the 2016 Wisconsin Conference UCC Annual Meeting (June 10-12). We hope to increase awareness of the movement, and perhaps reach churches that weren’t sure about participating this year, and churches that somehow missed the invitation.

As part of the display, I would like to include pictures of survivors.

I know this isn’t something everyone is able to do, but if you’re feeling up to it, I would ask for you to find a piece of paper and with a nice big marker write “This is what a rape SURVIVOR looks like #BTSS” on it. (#BTSS is our snazzy hashtag … look how hip to technology we are.)

You can send the pictures to me by email at, or on our Facebook page Break The Silence Sunday Facebook.

If you do send a picture, please note:

  • You have the choice to include your name, or not;
  • You’re giving me permission to use it in both print and online media (Facebook, this blog, and other places as appropriate) for purposes of promoting and increasing awareness about Break The Silence Sunday;
  • I will do my best to notify you of when, and how, your picture is being used.

As an example, here’s my picture…

Moira Finley clergy collar
Moira Finley

Thank you for thinking about participating.

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