The Logo & More

We have a logo. It’s surely not as nice as it could be if someone gifted
in the ways of graphic design would lend their talents, but I’m happy with it. It’s a circle which is important to me, and says the things I need it to say:

Say the words – don’t shy away from difficult words, recognizing that they’re important to some survivors, and triggering to others

BTSS Logo 2Work for change – commit yourself, and your faith community, to the work of creating a world where rape, sexual violence, and abuse are things of the past

Support the survivors – this is what it’s really all about, making a place for survivors to share their stories without guilt, shame, or bad theology

In addition, I received in my email this morning our first piece of liturgy (thanks Don N.), a prayer for hesitant clergy.

I would love to open my email every morning to your contributions to the work of Break The Silence Sunday.

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