Video Resources

As we all know, covid-19 brought a lot of changes to the world, to the ways we gather, the ways we worship together, and generally just the way we live. Many churches, including my own parish, have video worship as part of their weekly routines, and so Break The Silence Sunday (BTSS) wants to provide some video resources to churches that might help them – in person or online – with worship. As we develop more videos, they will be collected on this page.

You are welcome to download the videos from here, or please reach out and we can send them to you by email in the format that works best for you.

An important pastoral note about these videos – you must still do the work of preparing people for these videos. Just flinging them out there online, or dropping them into your worship services, without attention to the impact they might have on survivors, allies, and others is inappropriate. If you plan to use the videos in any way, in person or online, please consider how you will prepare folks for their content. At the minimum, consider announcing that you will be observing BTSS two weeks in advance. Allow the survivors in your community time to prepare, to decide if this is something they can be present for this year or if they would better protect their hearts and spirits by being absent. Allow those who love and care for survivors to make the same decision. Allow parents of children and youth the time to prepare. Give yourself the time to prepare for what will happen after, the care of those who may be triggered, moved to share their stories, or in other ways affected by these prayers. This is true for all aspects of BTSS, but all the more so for videos that we put out on the internet where comment sections are full of challenges, and connections are different than they are in person. Feel free to link the BTSS email ( to your materials if someone needs to reach out for support.

To The Survivors Among Us

A prayer of solidarity for survivors in our churches and congregations.

Every 68 Seconds

A prayer with silence, drawing on the current statistic that someone in the United States is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds.

We Have Come

A prayer about why this work matters with the song “We Have Come” by Christopher Grundy (used with permission)

Dear Survivor by Eric Barreras

An incredible poem written by survivor, advocate, and ally Eric Barreras in support of all survivors.