2017 Materials & Resources

Here are the materials for the 2017 observance of Break The Silence Sunday including a new liturgy, sermon suggestions, scripture reflections, and ideas about talking to children and youth about rape & sexual violence.

The suggested date is the fourth Sunday of April to coincide with Sexual Assault Awareness Month. That makes this year’s recommended date Sunday April 23, 2017. We are aware that this date won’t work for every community so please feel free to schedule the observance when it best fits with the life and ministry of your community. Several groups found a date in October worked well during 2016, to take place during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

If you and your community are planning on participating, we would love to hear from you, and hope you would share any resources, ideas, hopes, thoughts, concerns, or questions you have with us by email at breakthesilencesunday@gmail.com.

You can download either the PDF or Word files here:

BTSS 2017 Word

In addition, Wisconsin has recently launched a new initiative called “By Your Side” to help support survivors of sexual assault, advocating for them through the process of preserving medical evidence, and the criminal justice system. More information about this resource can be found at: http://byyoursidewi.org